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Corporate Training Programs of Credence Independent Auditors and Advisors


Keeping your workforce well-trained and up-to-speed on technical and soft skills is crucial to stay competitive and attract the best employees. To meet our clients’ ever-growing needs in the training and development area, CAA offers corporate training services and training courses.

Reasons an organization should consider implementing a training program:

·         An organized approach to learning rather than a scattered, reactive approach

·         Increased accountability among employees on performing their jobs to the best of their abilities

·         Better use of company time with knowledge at your fingertips

·         Training on-demand and customized to your group or individual needs

·         Better appreciation of each other’s jobs, departments and locations

·         Narrowing the gap between management and staff

·         Less expensive than traveling to training

·         Tracking and monitoring of all learning received by employees

·         Gaining a reputation as employee-friendly and progressive company

Your employees will enjoy these benefits:

·         Increased knowledge and expertise to apply immediately on the job

·         Ability to perform their jobs more effectively

·         Learn how to lead meetings and their own training sessions

·         Personalized assistance and training

·         Immediate access to training support

·         Increased job satisfaction with a progressive company that invests in employees

·         Time savings with in-house training support

·         Availability of both refresher courses and advanced content

·         A variety of learning styles to ensure learning is well-received

Types of training programs available include:


·         Microsoft® tools

·         Internal audit

·         Afghanistan Income Tax Law

·         International Financial Reporting Standards

·         International Standards on Auditing

Soft skills:

·         Accountability

·         Time management

·         Organization

·         Presentation skills

·         Generations

·         Emotional intelligence

Train the trainer:

·         Adult learning

·         Facilitating tips

·         Icebreakers

·         Coaching (One-on-one)

Program development:

·         New hire orientations

·         Customer service curriculum

·         Manager curriculum

·         Multi-modal training programs

·         And more!


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