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Credence Independent Auditors and Advisors: Risk Advisory


·         Compliance Services

·         Construction Audit Services

·         Fraud & Forensics

·         Internal Audit

·         ID Theft Protection

·         IT Risk Services

·         Compliance Services

Industry-Driven Federal and State Regulatory Compliance

Compliance programs are under increasingly strict scrutiny from federal and state regulators

Governing bodies set forth regulations that strive to keep the industries they examine running smoothly. But with so many regulations to comply with and governing bodies to report to, regulatory compliance can be confusing, overwhelming and very costly. Credence Auditors & Advisors has dedicated professionals who specialize in the unique and complex compliance needs of large private and publicly-traded clients. We can help you navigate today’s most challenging requirements and best practices, while striving to provide valuable insights about how you may be able to streamline your compliance programs to avoid costly inefficiencies.

Our compliance services team provides services for the following regulated industries:

·         Government agencies

·         Publicly-traded companies

·         Health care organizations

·         Financial institutions

·         Financial services

·         Insurance

Construction Audit Services

Construction projects are generally among the largest, most complex financial expenditures undertaken by an organization. For this reason, it’s important that your organization have adequate project management and appropriate internal controls designed for your specific type of construction agreement in place during the entire project life cycle. Strong internal controls are necessary to:

·         Ensure procedures are in place to identify and manage risks

·         Prevent overpayments and protect against irregularities

·         Establish supporting financial reporting processes

·         Avoid unnecessary litigation

Credence Auditors & Advisors helps you strengthen the financial and operational controls over the construction process, ensuring compliance with the contract and adherence to industry standards and best practices. Our experienced teams provide assurance that contractual terms are being adhered to by validating critical contractor compliance and costs. In our experience, potential identified overcharges are typically 5 to 10 times greater than the fee for our services.

Our specialized team of construction professionals will also provide you with “root cause analysis” and process improvement recommendations, resulting in a more efficient and effective construction program.


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