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Credence Independent Auditors and Advisors: Workforce Management


Credence Auditors & Advisors offers a total workforce management solution. From hire to retire, CAA can help you manage, pay and get the most out of your most valuable investment, your people.

Employee Assessments

Do you wish a better predictor existed as to whether a candidate is a good match for your current job opening? Are resumes and interviews by themselves no longer dependable methods for hiring? What about your current work force – do you wish you had a method for understanding where their skills line up with the career path and training goals you have planned for them?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, consider implementing employee assessment solutions in your hiring and development processes. We can help. CAA has VAST experience helping our clients administer profile assessments for both new hires and current staff. This has resulted in better job fits, higher productivity and lower turnover. The return on investment continues to multiply for these clients. Here’s how:

With job candidates, you will:

·         Understand who they are and will be

·         Identify their work ethic, interests and critical thinking skills

·         Discover if they are a good match for the job opening

·         Recognize if they will fit into your overall company culture

·         Know if they were candid in their profile answers

With your current staff, you can:

·         Recognize if your employees are currently in the best matched position

·         Determine if any of your current staff members are a match for an internal promotion

·         Design training and development programs for areas identified as needing improvement

·         Better understand your employees’ work methods which helps improve communication

·         Use as a tool in performance reviews and the creation of job descriptions


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